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Muilu, Eeva

Date of birth 4.10.1980
Profession Dancer
Country Finland
Training MA in Choreography, Theatre Academy of Finland, Department of Dance, 2007; BA in Dance, Theatre Academy of Finland, Department of Dance, 2004; guest student, The Theatre School of Amsterdam, The School for New Dance Development (AHK, SNDO), spring 2003; exchange student, The Theatre School of Amsterdam, The School for New Dance Development, spring 2002.
Choreographed In Human Disguise (5.11.2009)
Something somewhere (12.6.2008)
For everything vanishing (2015)
Quintet (2012)
Too Many Voices for One (21.11.2003)
Sold Out (27.10.2007)
Lume (1999)
We were in Mjösund (9.9.2005)
Multaa hampaissa (2001)
My favourite part... (31.8.2006)
Nature Dances (20.8.2014)
Lick and drop (2006)
Sidottu (Muilu) (1999)
Surkea ja siivetön (2004)
Teos siitä mitä on (26.4.2007)
Vatsastani ui kaloja (2002)
Vermiculus (27.6.2005)
Together (Muilu) (20.5.2010)
〰️ 〰️ 〰️ (Muilu) (2016)
Work as a dancer ... ja he elivät elämänsä loppuun asti (2002)
Colour, colour (2013)
Face (2004)
Hobitti (2001)
Kuvia Hämärässä (2000)
Too Many Voices for One (2003)
Sold Out (2007)
We were in Mjösund (2005)
Our Social Democratic Bodies (14.4.2011)
My favourite part... (31.8.2006)
Nature Dances (20.8.2014)
Odyssey (2003)
Olemattomien kulkue (2000)
Osaka (2012)
Ote2 (2000)
PSD (2000)
Piiloinen sisältä ulos (2002)
Postia Eva Dahlgrenille (2007)
Volte-Face Parts 1 and 4 (2000)
Thicket of Absent Others (2000)
Välimaaston ihmeet (2004)
Vermiculus (2005)
Notion of Joy (10.9.2011)
„Bitte...” (2012)
Other artistic work International residency projects:
My favourite part..., Pyhäjärvi 2006; Me oltiin Mjösundissa, 2005.
Improvisational perfomances:
Arkangel Dance festival 2003, Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival, Oulu 2002; Dance Glance Festival, Oulu 2001; Tampere Dance Current Festival 2000.
Work as a teacher:
Choreography workshop, Degree Programme in Dance, Dance Education and Classical Ballet, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio 2006; Dance Centre City Dance, Oulu 2002 (contemporary dance, improvisation); dance school of Oihonna Vilhu, Helsinki 2000, 2001.
Grants and awards Grants:
six-month state grant to artists 2008; The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uusimaa Fund 2007; National Council for Dance 2007, Central Arts Council 2007, 2006; Sleipnir 2006, Arts Council of Uusimaa 2006, Theatre Academy Of Finland 2001, 2004, 2005.
Favourite of the Audience with the work Teos siitä mitä on, Nordic Grand Prix, Kuopio 2007; first prize (ITs awards) for the work Vermiculus, ITs Festival, Amsterdam 2005; honorary mention for the work Too Many Voices for One, ITs Festival, Amsterdam 2004.
Other Information Positions of trust: student member of the board of directors, Theatre Academy of Finland's Department of Dance 1999 - 2002.