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Something About Us

Koreografi Tuomisto, Satu
Kantaesitys 11.2.2005
Kantaesityspaikka Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, Lontoo
Tyylilaji Nykytanssi
kesto (min) 30
Valosuunnittelija Ian Brown
Musiikki teokselle Roger d'Olivere Mapp
Kuvaus "Something About Us is an admirably single-minded abstract enquiry. Two female dancers work their way through a series of strong, simple gestures. Their stage is constantly evolving, as a man arranges large, light-weight blocks into a series of beguiling shapes. How long can these artistic neighbours share the space?
Underpinned by conceptual surety, there is a jazzy freedom to the work’s aesthetic. Eventually it reaches a more concrete drama to play a game of movement and obstacles, until all the blocks are tossed away in a liberating moment for the long-suffering labourer.
Choreographer Satu Tuomisto’s brave exploration could be a resonant sounding board for the audience’s imagination." (Review by Ben Felsenburg)

"Satu Tuomisto Dance’s Something About Us explored the constant and intimate relationship between two women, as the years passed and one fell in and out of love and marriage. Rhythmically spot-on, the women rolled in and out of synchrony, as the lover/husband laid giant blocks around the different players. The unobtrusive and isolated male finally built a wall across the entire stage in his attempt to divide the friendship, only for the two women to end the piece by destroying his cold geometric pattern. Conceptually fantastic. The entire evening was observant, astute and unafraid." (Review by Kate Burrell)
Muita tietoja Rahoitus: Awards for All, Local Network Fund; mentorointi: koreografi Caroline Salem.
Teos on syntynyt Creatice Space -nimisessä koreografisessa tutkimuslaboratoriossa Clarence Mews'ssä syksyn 2004 aikana.
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