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picture101.jpg In the picture: Petri Kervola (left) Miko Kivinen, Jukka Horsmanheimo
Photo: Mikko Mäntyniemi

Old Guys

First Performance 26.5.2001
Place of First Performance Kuopio
Finnish premiere 26.5.2001
Other Style Muu tyylilaji
Duration (min) 15
Costume designer Jaana Kurttila
Music composed for the work Petri Tiainen
Description Old Guys is a bubbling story of three old men together on a summer outing. The men travel on scooters and dance, frolic and challenge each other and playfully interact with the audience. The atmosphere is relaxed and jovial until the the annual athletic contest and the Formula 1 race bring the men on the verge of a fight.
Other Information A co-production of Dance Theatre Minimi and Kuopio City Theatre.
Companies Dance Theatre Minimi