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A Cindrella Story

Choreographer Kuusela, Marjo
First Performance 2.2.2001
Place of First Performance Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 2.2.2001
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 40
Scenography Ari Kitti
Costume designer Terttu Torkkola
Lighting Designer Riku Virtanen
Sound designer Heikki Laakso
Description A warm dance story about friendship and loneliness. Lonely girl seeks for safety from other children of her kind. Everything seems to change, when a fairy, rich talent finder sees her perform. Her way goes into success and fame, future seems to be full of opportunities. Yet friends and happiness are to be found somewhere else.
Companies Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth
Dancers Prittinen, Jouni (2001)
Laakkonen, Marjo (2001)
Immonen, Riku (2001)
Virtanen, Teppo (2001)
Keskinen, Pia (2001)
Kellokumpu, Simo (2001)
Palmgren, Sari (2001)