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Melodies, that don't sound

Choreographer Willman, Marjaterttu
First Performance 30.9.2021
Place of First Performance Cultural centre Kanneltalo, Helsinki
Other Style dance theatre
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Willman Marjaterttu
Costume designer Willman Marjaterttu
Lighting Designer Alava Eero
Sound designer Zenger Felix
Performers of the premiere Jonna Aaltonen
Jukka Tarvainen
Jussi Väänänen
Music composed for the work Salokoski Emma, Zenger Felix
Description "Melodies, that don’t sound" is a multi-artistic, fragmentary performance that combines text, contemporary dance, dance theatre, live singing and sound art. The performance deals with the internal dynamics of families by peaking into different kind of ways of interaction families can have.
Other Information singer: Emma Salokoski
Companies Willman Dance Company
Dancers Aaltonen, Jonna (2021)
Tarvainen, Jukka (2021)
Väänänen, Jussi (2021)