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In period of time

and then they left

Choreographer Kemppainen, Suvi
Peura, Marika
Nieminen, Kaisa
First Performance 26.10.2021
Place of First Performance Zodiak Stage, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Costume designer Nieminen Kaisa, Peura Marika
Lighting Designer Manninen Mateus
Sound designer Blomberg Niklas
Performers of the premiere Suvi Kemppainen, Kaisa Nieminen, Marika Peura
Description and then they left is a puddle and an ocean of lies, liquids and truths. It is a watery yet dry magic trick that wants to fall towards an uncategorised space and pleasure.
Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Kemppainen, Suvi (2021)
Peura, Marika (2021)
Nieminen, Kaisa (2021)