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In period of time

Only breathing, nothing else was left

Choreographer Ahonen, Miia
First Performance 12.11.2021
Place of First Performance Valve hall, Oulu
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography työryhmä
Costume designer työryhmä
Lighting Designer Takalo Hanna-Kaija, työryhmä
Sound designer Takalo Hanna-Kaija, Suonvieri Saaga
Performers of the premiere Henna Holma, Milla Lassila, Henna Männikkö, Jenni Säkkinen, Teemu Tuohimaa
Music composed for the work Suonvieri Saaga
Description "The performance explores and deals with different forms of violence.

For a human who has been subjected to physical violence,what does he/she experience and feel? What about sexual abuse, how does this affect human growth and development? What are the traces of mental violence?

The performance tells the life story of various human destinies that appear in our modern society. It seeks to humanize the human being and highlights the fact that each person’s personal history affects us at this very moment. The performance explores the dark and silent subjects of our society and mirrors them to this day."
Other Information other performers: Oskari Elomaa, Saaga Suonvieri
Dancers Holma, Henna (2021)
Tuohimaa, Teemu (2021)
Lassila, Milla (2021)
Männikkö, Henna (2021)
Säkkinen, Jenni (2021)