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Butt wait, Butt why?

Choreographer Virta, Vanessa
First Performance 1.12.2021
Place of First Performance Contemporary Art Space Kutomo, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 40
Performers of the premiere Virta Vanessa
Music composed for the work Tiikkainen Olli
Description "Butt wait, Butt why? is a solo work by dancer, choreographer and rap artist Vanessa Virta. The work becomes conscious of the butt as an active operator. The butt positions itself as seen and writes its own fantasy about how it is encountered.

The work is inspired by the profession of the ‘pyllyttäjä’ in the pre-modern Finnish folklore. Especially older women with vaginal powers could protect the cattle from danger by getting astride on top of the barn door. The performance explores how this power could be reseen and experienced in modern culture where the butt is often connected with shame and intense objectification.

The performance utilizes the book Reading from behind by Jonathan A. Allan that ponders the politics of the butt and the reasons for the sparsity of its social and cultural analysis. With this frame of reference in mind the performance focuses on the hips and explores the mechanism of its movements. What can we understand of the butt and its movement when we view them from the perspective of individual body parts?"
Companies Ehkä-production
Dancers Virta, Vanessa (2021)