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Birongitai (ビロンギタイ)

Choreographer Shimizu, Lindon Satoru
First Performance 25.3.2021
Place of First Performance ITAK stage, Kuopio
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Hämärä Tuomas
Performers of the premiere Lappalainen Tuija
Description Birongitai (ビロンギタイ) is about transmission of grounding and belonging. It moves on a shaking land, where a tremor dance decolonizes a current structure. As being on an earthquake in which the vibration connects to the fluids and it invites the space to a regrownding movement. From a place that searches for ways of moving power between diverse textures, a japanese brazilian immigrant is directing a native Finnish dancer into a shivering environment. You know, it’s this kind of party you get yourself moved from where you are.
Dancers Lappalainen, Tuija (2021)