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Mini Performances Solo Work Serie

Choreographer Laube-Pohto, Rebecca
First Performance 27.7.2020
Place of First Performance Instagram
Finnish premiere 27.7.2020
Place of Premiere Instagram
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 10
Description Part I: Silence
Silence. It can be reassuring, it can be crushing. Before the beast's attack, it is quiet. When all is said, silence
descends. Silence is an improvised solo work that explores spoken and unspoken words. Silence between sentences. Silence in gestures. Silence before and after the storm and how this resonates in the body.

Part II: Structure
Ridiculous Broken Whole Organized Chaos. Structure is an improvised solo work that is inspired by Tampere's architecture, human body and being in a moment.

Part III: Suru
How privileged we are without even realizing it. How things can change quickly. Have you enjoyed the moment. Do you act spontaneously. Did the moment pass already. Act now. This work has got an inspiration from the deep connection to the landscape that choreographer was privileged to see every day. "Suru" is a Finnish word which means "sadness," "grief" or "sorrow”, but there's not a one good translate to this complex word or emotion.
Other Information @rebeccalaube
Dancers Laube-Pohto, Rebecca (2020)