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Vox Herbārium –Plant Series IV

Choreographer Laine, Vespa
First Performance 12.10.2019
Place of First Performance Botanical Garden, Turku, Finland
Finnish premiere 12.10.2019
Place of Premiere Botanical Garden, Turku, Finland
Style Contemporary Dance
Performers of the premiere Vespa Laine, Markus Heino, Timo Tamminen, Maileena Vaajoensuu
Description Herbarium aims for a collection that retains samples of plants for taxonomic classification.
How do plants sound when they are touched? Information transmitted by the sensors attached to the plants is converted to sound. Vox Herbārium verifies the senses of the plants by collecting the information they transmit and transforming it into a stage-like form where the dancer´s kinaesthetic intelligence is combined with the song of plants. The Audio Herbarium provides an audible and visible observation surface that will not be obtained from dried and flattened plants.
Other Information Co-production: Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland, Svenska Kulturfonden, The Finnish Cultural Foundation
Dancers Laine, Vespa (2019)
Heino, Markus (2019)
Tamminen, Timo (2019)
Vaajoensuu, Maileena (2019)