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Choreographer Peura, Marika
Puolakka, Anni
First Performance 27.11.2019
Place of First Performance Contemporary art space Kutomo, Turku
Finnish premiere 27.11.2019
Place of Premiere Contemporary art space Kutomo, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Marika Peura, Anni Puolakka
Costume designer Marika Peura, Anni Puolakka
Sound designer Miša Skalskis
Performers of the premiere Ana Teo Ala-Ruona, Marika Peura, Anni Puolakka, Pauliina Sjöberg
Description Philia is a science fantasy about reproduction and family formation. It portrays bodies attaching to one another, driven by their desires and needs. They become a hybrid family that communicates through mouthfeels. In Philia one can be simultaneously a birth-giver and a birth-getter, active and inanimate, a chicken and an egg, a biter and a bite.
Companies Ehkä-production
Dancers Peura, Marika (2019)
Sjöberg, Pauliina (2019)
Puolakka, Anni (2019)
Ala-Ruona, Ana Teo (2019)