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Möhkäle - Erratic Block

Choreographer Kekoni, Petri
First Performance 5.10.2018
Place of First Performance Suvilahti, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 5.10.2018
Place of Premiere Suvilahti, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Petri Kekoni, Mikko Hynninen
Costume designer Joanna Weckman
Lighting Designer Mikko Hynninen
Sound designer Mikko Hynninen
Performers of the premiere Petri Kekoni
Description The piece blurs the boundary between the animate and inanimate; a person can become an element while the element can take on a human form. The performer's lumped, non-human presence is paralleled by the anthropomorphic images evoked by a sculpture that has come to life.

Erratic Block is an interdisciplinary artistic collaboration. Kekoni's unembellished movement is given a frame by costume designer and researcher Joanna Weckman's sculptural, shifting and multilayered costume design that obscures the border between the human and the inorganic.
Companies Petri Kekoni Company
Dancers Kekoni, Petri (2018)