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Playground for the Brave

Choreographer Nylén, Ville
Shchekleina, Anna
First Performance 25.11.2017
Place of Premiere Tapahtuma Kiisu, Outokumpu
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Performers of the premiere Ville Nylén, Anna Shchekleina
Description "Playground for the brave is collaboration between two dance artists: Russian Anna Shchekleina and Finnish Ville Nylén. They had two main themes, serving them as starting points for this project: fears and distances & contrasts. Fear is an important and relevant topic in these times, because it is present nearly everywhere on many levels. If people don’t shout it out and make it visible, it will make them smaller, more afraid and more passive. That’s why it’s important for these dance artists to give hope and start the chain-reactions that make the power of fear weaker and weaker.

The venue for Playground for the brave is unique Kiisuhalli, a huge mining hall. This venue gives artists a lot of opportunities to play with distances between bodies and space and also the space inside our own bodies. Distance is also a contrast, so they play with contrasts, such as small and big, silent and loud, full and empty, warm and cold, soft and hard, alive and lifeless... Shchekleina and Nylén will build a playground, which connects that bare concrete space, our bodies and our fears. They invite the audience for this play with the fears."
Dancers Nylén, Ville (2017)
Shchekleina, Anna (2017)