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Anybody's Architecture: Hvitträsk

Choreographer Heikinheimo, Ismo-Pekka
First Performance 11.8.2017
Place of First Performance Hvitträsk, Kirkkonummi
Finnish premiere 11.8.2017
Place of Premiere Hvitträsk, Kirkkonummi
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 30
Performers of the premiere Satu Rekola
Other music Live music: Outi Pulkkinen
Description The robust materiality of the building, the fullness of the design language, and the unique character of each room, generate the details and diversity of the movement language. On the shores of a wilderness lake, on a hill looking into the vast expanse of the landscape, there are gardens built in the forest. The first part of our work takes place in the living room of the main building, the second part is outside in the formal garden. In the case of rain, the second part will be performed indoors.
The work is performed by dancer Satu Rekola, who is eight months pregnant. This is the first time and a fascinating opportunity for choreographer Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo to work with a pregnant dancer.
Other Information Anybody's Architecture: Hvitträsk is the third part in a series of five choreographic works combining the art of dance, architecture and live music.
Architecture expert: Simon Le Roux
Companies Ismo Dance co.
Dancers Rekola, Satu (2017)