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Self-portraits: Everything is so fucking wrong!

Choreographer Nylén, Ville
First Performance 20.6.2016
Place of First Performance Sotku, Kuopio
Finnish premiere 20.6.2016
Place of Premiere Sotku, Kuopio
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 35
Scenography Veli Pekka Kuronen
Costume designer Pauliina Ruhanen
Sound designer Ville Nylén
Performers of the premiere Ville Nylén
Description Self-portraits is solo work consept by Ville Nylén, which will evolve into a series of different outcomes. The collage-like self-portraits are constructed out of fan culture, scatter-mindedness and circles around themes that catches the attention of the choreographer. The version seen at Paikallisliie festival, Self-portraits: Everything is so fucking wrong!, combines blood, violence, fresh buns, happy PorkCandy69 and the miracle of love. It’s a story about how everything is so fucking wrong and endlessly sad.

The first notes about this consept have been made at spring 2014 and after that there have been different kind of presentations. Endless incompleteness and long-lasting are centre of this project.
Other Information Photo and video: Fox Marttinen
Dancers Nylén, Ville (2016)