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In period of time

Licking things

Choreographer Palmgren, Sari
First Performance 9.11.2016
Place of First Performance Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 9.11.2016
Place of Premiere Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Costume designer Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Lighting Designer Jukka Huitila
Performers of the premiere Dancers: Katri Soini, Sari Palmgren
Musicians: Mikko Perkola, Tuomas Norvio
Music composed for the work Mikko Perkola, Tuomas Norvio
Description - A poetic study of the necessity of death

Do not lick

Raw dough
A battery
Dirty water
Broken glass
Frozen handrails in the winter
Footsteps of the person walking ahead of you
Things fallen on floor

Before you are sure

Licking Things is a meeting of live music and the primitive motion clinging to life at all costs. The performance looks for fulfilment through music and motion, and examines the empty moments that make fulfilment so full. When something reaches that fullness it disintegrates in its perfection, vanishes – and becomes empty again.

The music is composed by Mikko Perkola and Tuomas Norvio, who also appear on stage with Katri Soini and Sari Palmgren.Their music is inspired by old vocal music and Perkola's instrument, the viola da gamba, and taken to new spheres by Norvio's electronics. Primitive movement and growling: the weight of the dancers' bodies fill the space where incompleteness maintains a lust for life.
Dancers Palmgren, Sari (2016)
Soini, Katri (2016)