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Break the Fight - I was here!

Choreographer Tiili, Arja
First Performance 25.3.2015
Place of First Performance Stoa, Helsinki, Finland
Finnish premiere 25.3.2015
Place of Premiere Stoa, Helsinki, Finland
Style Contemporary Dance
Other Style Breakdance
Duration (min) 40
Costume designer Antti Asplund
Lighting Designer Ainu Palmu
Sound designer Jouni Tauriainen
Performers of the premiere B-boy Con-Troll aka Matti Keipi, B-girl Emko aka Elena Ruuskanen ja B-boy Gust aka Emre Sevim
Rap artist: Mercedes Bentso
Music composed for the work Räp biisi: Mercedes Bentso
Other music Tina Turner; Simply the Best
Description Break The Fight! I was here is a thematic performance that deals with power games and power struggles. The piece evokes some of the following questions: What separates us? What brings us together? What exactly do weakness and strength mean? What does it take to become oneself and to be oneself? The performance is about daring to be oneself and to accept each other the way we are. We all share the same emotions.
We may look different, speak different languages and have different beliefs but could being different also be a possibility?

Styles of the performance include elements from street
culture such as b-boying AKA breaking and rapping spiced
with contemporary dance and video animation.

Other Information Rap artist: Mercedes Bentso
Video animation: Jyrki Riekki
Video editing: Ari Tarvainen
Dancers Keipi, Matti (2015)
Sevim, Emre (2015)
Ruuskanen, Elena (2015)