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A Cherry Tree

Choreographer Railo, Tuomo
First Performance 1.9.2000
Place of First Performance The Cultural Centre of Espoo, Louhi Hall
Finnish premiere 1.9.2000
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 40
Costume designer Heidi Romo
Lighting Designer Janne Teivainen
Description A so-called dogma piece for five dancers. Choreographer Railo has written specific rules, seven dogmas, to guide the choreographic process. The first one says: "the choreographer should be quiet in rehearsals. In case dance is a part of silent communication, it does not need to be defined with words in rehearsal situations either." However, the most complicated one of these dogmas probably is the number six: " Dance must impress its spectators by its beauty, and it must be felt in the lower stomach of the spectator."
Companies Glims & Gloms Dance Company
Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Backman, Kristiina (2000)
Keskinen, Pia (2000)
Rask, Hermanni (2000)
Rankanen, Mammu (2000)
Heiskanen, Simo (2000)