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Cross the Bridge

Choreographer Hirvanen, Maija
First Performance 8.5.2006
Place of First Performance Theatre of the Dostoyevsky Museum, St. Petersburg
Finnish premiere 18.5.2006
Place of Premiere Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Other Style Muu tyylilaji
Duration (min) 35
Scenography Maija Hirvanen
Lighting Designer Irma Puttonen
Sound designer Petteri Hirvanen
Music composed for the work Petteri Hirvanen: Cross the Birdge
Description "Cross the Bridge is about the ways on which beliefs, values and emotions transfer from a mother to daughter, friend to friend. It includes dance with the absent ones, images from the future, letters to friends and cleaning.

The creation of the solo work has been effected by notions how the chains of generations change by a ‘natural’ death. The identity of an individual is under constant changing; we grap influences from the stories and movements we meet. Through the personal experiences about formation of identity, ‘Cross the Bridge’ reaches towards connection with others. What bridges are possible to cross? Cultural gestures and asks in relation to remembering have been transfered to the choreography. Hirvanen tries, for a passing moment, to identify with the hidden face of muslim women, a minute in the Finnish winter in 1940’s and an event that will take place in the future. This trying becomes a part of the form of performance. But how to dance with the dead?" (Source: programme)
Dancers Hirvanen, Maija (2006)