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Being Greta

Choreographer Hirvanen, Maija
First Performance 4.10.2007
Place of First Performance Zodiak - Center for New Dance
Finnish premiere 4.10.2007
Place of Premiere Zodiak - Center for New Dance
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 30
Lighting Designer Heikki Paasonen
Description "Imagine: closet door opens, a girl steps out. Pearls hanging down all the way to the floor, lipstick all around her face. Second episode: men's hat and moustache. Third scene: Jon Bon Jovi. Et cetera.
Being Greta by performance artist and choreographer Maija Hirvanen deals with the essence of the kind of mediated substance that lives in a person only for a moment, moving then to a next target. The piece works on turning around the obsession of fame and concentrating on how cultural icons can lead to personal and collective creativity. In its episodic structure, Being Greta shifts in between personal notions and cultural references." (source: programme)
Other Information Production: Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Maija Hirvanen.
The work was premiered as a part of a double-bill, which consisted of the works Portraits and Being Greta.
Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Hirvanen, Maija (2007)