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picture195.jpg Trio
Photo: Helinä Schroderus
picture196.jpg Wrinkled sheets
Photo: Helinä Schroderus


Choreographer Hannula, Sari
First Performance 17.12.1995
Place of First Performance Youth Center, Kuopio
Finnish premiere 17.12.1995
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 36
Scenography Sari Hannula
Costume designer Sari Hannula
Lighting Designer Sam Siltavuori
Sound designer Marko Salmela
Music composed for the work Marko Salmela
Description The choreographic starting point of the work was the necessity of breaking yourself free or giving up when necessary - a dance teacher struggling through burn out, giving up childhood or a relationship. Even though the topics are serious the choreography is made with a sense of humour, laughing at the seriousness of life and at ourselves.
Other Information The work consisted of the following parts: Trio (II), Headless Running (III), Wrinkled Sheets (IV). The work was premiered as a part of a dance evening called BREAKING FREE - TAKE OFF I - IV.
Dancers Hannula, Sari (1995)
Jokela, Eija (1995)
Koljonen, Markku (1995)
Möksy, Sirpa (1995)
Rander, Aare (1995)
Ruotsalainen, Marjut (1995)