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You Can Call Me Art

Choreographer Tudeer, Annika
First Performance 20.10.2001
Place of First Performance La bás, the Cable Factory, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 20.10.2001
Other Style Muu tyylilaji
Duration (min) 45
Scenography Markku Kunnari, Johanna Kiivaskoski, Synnöve Rabb
Costume designer työryhmä (artistic team)
Lighting Designer työryhmä (artistic team)
Sound designer Timo Fredriksson, työryhmä (artistic team)
Music composed for the work dj-indigo
Description You Can Call Me Art is an ironic and carnevalistic critique of the production structures prevalent in the art world today. The piece was very much inspired by discourses flaunted around Kiasma and the ARS-01 exhibition. In the performance the audience encounters the artist at work, the rising star-artist, a reviewer, the serious non-sensical researcher etc. The main and serious question in this piece with its distinct black humour, is how can we talk about art, when the discourse so often seems to drown in meaningless babble that might sound fancy but seem to cover more than uncover, as well as serve other purposes than talking about serious art.
The structure of the piece is scenes rythmically put together. The dancers talk english, which adds another ironic layer since English is the language prefered in this kind of discourse.
Dancers Fredriksson, Timo (2001)
Krzystek, Anna (2001)
Tudeer, Annika (2001)