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picture100.jpg In the picture: Petri Kaihoja (left), Liisa Ruuskanen, Anja Lappi, Johanna Keinänen
Photo: Mikko Mäntyniemi

Absolute enjoyment

Choreographer Huovinen, Tommi
First Performance 16.6.1991
Place of First Performance Down by the laituri Festival, Turku, Finland
Finnish premiere 16.6.1991
Place of Premiere Down by the laituri Festival, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 15
Description Come and see how a true Finn enjoys life! Just how stiff and akward can you get in a suit and tie? Since 1990 Absolute enjoyment has delighted street audiences in ten different countries.
Companies Dance Theatre Minimi
Dancers Keinänen, Johanna (1991)
Lappi, Anja (1991)
Ruuskanen, Liisa (1991)
Huovinen, Tommi (1991)
Kaihoja, Petri
Ryhänen, Sonja
Puumalainen, Riikka (2005)