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Arja Tiili Dance Company

Artistic director Arja Tiili
Contact person Choreographer Arja Tiili
Telephone +358 /0)50 375 6728
WWW pages http://www.arjatiili.fi
Email arja@arjatiili.fi
Year founded 2006
Funding Freelance dance company
Style Contemporary Dance
Other Style Performance art combining elements from contemporary dance and theatre.
Production based ensemble Yes
Performances Deadly After Dark (6.4.2006)
Freak-a-Zo! (9.11.2007)
Raw-Matters part 2 - Personal Matters (7.8.2008)
All Matters - Part 3 of the Raw Matters Trilogy (demo) (5.8.2010)
All-Matters-No Escape – 3rd part of Raw-Matters Trilogy (17.5.2011)
Woyzeckmaterial (12.10.2012)