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picture97.jpg In the picture: Liisa Ruuskanen (left), Jarno Tastula, Juho Puroaho, Johanna Keinänen, Timo Saari
Photo: Ville Harilahti


Choreographer Paloniemi, Matti
First Performance 10.7.2001
Finnish premiere 10.7.2001
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 25
Scenography Jukka Horsmanheimo
Costume designer Nina Vana
Music composed for the work Jarno Tastula
Description Street theatre. The troublemakers come from Paarmavaara and they perform tradiotional as well as experimental Finnish folk music and dance. They spontaneously break into song and dance in their own unique style whenever they happen to feel like it, and they often do, no matter what the occasion. A deviously cheerful show for all ages!
Other Information Musicians: Jarno Tastula, Juha Puronaho
Companies Dance Theatre Minimi
Dancers Keinänen, Johanna (2001)
Ruuskanen, Liisa (2001)
Saari, Timo (2001)