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picture89.jpg In the picture: Eeva Soini, Lassi Sairela
Photo: Jari Laurikko


Choreographer Lindfors, Tiina
First Performance 11.8.1995
Place of First Performance Sigyn Hall, Turku
Finnish premiere 11.8.1995
Place of Premiere Sigyn Hall, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Tiina Lindfors
Costume designer Tiina Lindfors
Lighting Designer Tiina Lindfors
Sound designer Tiina Lindfors, Mikko Heiniö
Performers of the premiere The Deity Couples: Eeva Soini, Lassi Sairela, Aleksander Zilberman, Jonna Aaltonen; The Counterforce: Tiina Lindfors, Kristiina Lindroth; The wanderers of Hades: Mari Numminen, Inari Salmivaara, Marika Kytömäki, Satu Honkanen, Niina Mölsä.
Music composed for the work Mikko Heiniö: Hermes
Description At the core of the dance production by composer Mikko Heiniö and Dance Theatre ERI is Hermes, the son of Zeus and hermaphrodite Mercury of Roman mythology, who appears to be a creature of contrasts.
Other Information The revival premiere was 22.9.2000 at Sigyn Hall, Turku. The costumes were made by the Turku Vocational Institute, the realization of lighting was by Jouni Heikola.
Companies Dance Theatre ERI
Dancers Numminen, Mari: The wanderer of Hades (1995)
Kytömäki, Marika: The wanderer of Hades (1995)
Honkanen, Satu: The wanderer of Hades (1995)
Mölsä, Niina: The wanderer of Hades (1995)
Salmivaara, Inari: The wanderer of Hades (1995)
Soini, Eeva: The Deity Couple (1995)
Zilberman, Aleksander: The Deity Couple (1995)
Sairela, Lassi: The Deity Couple (1995)
Aaltonen, Jonna: The Deity Couple (1995)
Lindroth, Kristiina: The Counterforce (1995)
Lindfors, Tiina: The Counterforce (1995)
Nurmela, Maria: The wanderer of Hades (2000)
Kananen, Maria: The wanderer of Hades (2000)
Heinoja, Sanna: The wanderer of Hades (2000)
Torkkel, Anna: The wanderer of Hades (2000)
Laiho, Maria: The wanderer of Hades (2000)
Liiri, Susanne: The Deity Couple (2000)