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Choreographer Loimaala, Karoliina
First Performance 17.11.2021
Place of First Performance Kera halls, Espoo
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Turtio Teija
Costume designer Loimaala Karoliina + työryhmä
Lighting Designer Pajula Alina, Palillo Sofia
Sound designer Kantonen Atte
Performers of the premiere Anni Kaila, Krista-Julia Arppo, Karoliina Loimaala
Description "Dance piece Ö L J E K T takes a deep look into the event of how to oil (to blush, to alienate, to…?) We observe, how does an emotional, affective body receive crude oil, bitumen, gasoline; filtrate them into this body for them to become an irredeemable part of oneself. We become oiljects – hybrids of human and oil. Aren´t we already there? Oil is power, money, fast cars, concrete under the feet, lip balm on a cold winter´s day. We flirt with human´s relationship with oil and observe the emerging ways of this new symbiotic being.

Ö L J E K T calls forward oil, our partner from underground, invites it to share the stage taking the lead on humans, dance as the other half of a synergetic relation. The performance is an oil poesy, an ode to oil, our companion of billions of years of age, that is nearly finished.
Dancers Loimaala, Karoliina (2021)
Kaila, Anni (2021)
Arppo, Krista-Julia (2021)