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Choreographer Räisänen, Helmi
First Performance 26.11.2021
Place of First Performance Kulttuuriareena 44, Kuopio
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Costume designer Räisänen Helmi
Lighting Designer Linninen Teemu
Sound designer Fakhri Ismael
Performers of the premiere Kaisla Haapala, Hertta Huovila, Linda Inkeroinen, Helmi Räisänen, Anniina Tammi, Valo Valve
Music composed for the work Ismael Fakhri, Helmi Räisänen
Description SCHULDIG is a performative dance piece made of of trash, plastic, water and humanity. The work is based on contemporary dance, video installation and sound art. The performance is inspired by everyday elements such as rain, human body, sweat, thirst, trash and the cycle of life. The title of the performance Schuldig (= debtor / ugly / dirty), refers to how we consume and pollute the world’s waters and nature with our daily activities.
Dancers Räisänen, Helmi (2021)
Haapala, Kaisla (2021)
Tammi, Anniina (2021)
Valve, Valo (2021)