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PELTO drive-in

Choreographer Ristolainen, Jukka
First Performance 14.8.2021
Place of First Performance Kokko1721 residency, Kangasniemi
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Performers of the premiere Jukka Ristolainen
Maija Tuomi
Hieho Homma -kollektiivi
Beniamino Borghi
Xavier ‘Bambu’ Vandenberghe
Description PELTO is a modern dance, a manure and rock’n’roll scented drive-in dance spectacle in which flesh moves, manure flies about and field cars rattle. The fifteen-person-strong performance will take place on Kokko field in Kangasniemi 14.8.2021.

PELTO: dance artistes, musicians and farmers with their tractors in perfect harmony on a southern Savonian field to highlight the diversity of art and countryside, and the possibilities of collaboration.

PELTO has always borne nourishment from the ground and now this performance becomes part of a multi-thousand year old canon as a stage for modern dance. Material found from the old farm has also created frameworks for imagining new uses for lost-and-found items. Have you ever in your wildest dreams imagined a drum set on a pimped up field car on stage, experienced the shredding ritual of a spade electric guitar, rumbled in the back seat of a techno trailer, or heard a divine water pipe flute?

The performance is located at a sparsely populated area and the audience will arrive in drive-in style in their own cars on the edge of the field to experience the performance. The audience will receive the programme together with viewing instructions for the performance from the traffic controller.

PELTO is a statement about producing equal art, the area’s accomplishments, diversity as well as collaboration, modern small-scale farming, local food and production, and keeping the whole of Finland inhabited. PELTO is a celebratory performance in honour of Koko Tila’s 300 years of history (1721-2021).
Other Information concept: Jukka Ristolainen and working group
mezzosoprano Katariina Poikela
farmer Tuomas Laitinen
farmer Hannu Häkkinen
Dancers Ristolainen, Jukka (2021)
Tuomi, Maija (2021)
Borghi, Beniamino (2021)
Vandenberghe, Xavier "Bambu" Locguet (2021)