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Choreographer Perko, Ninni
First Performance 10.9.2021
Place of First Performance Aurinkobaletti, Turku
Other Style dance theatre, physical theatre
Duration (min) 30
Scenography Perko Ninni
Costume designer Juulia Järvinen ja Ninni Perko
Lighting Designer Palmu Ainu
Performers of the premiere Marjo Kuusela, Krista-Julia Arppo, Ninni Perko
Music composed for the work Saari Jarmo
Description "Rupture is a scenic work with rigid humor that has percolated from the dance movie Cold Chain. This ludicrous piece of stage art dives into the problem of the norms and behaviour that are transmitted intergenerationally. The ones holding their pose and keeping everything in perfect control are choreographer - dancer Ninni Perko, choreographer - academic Marjo Kuusela and dancer Krista-Julia Arppo. This dance piece, which muses on the non-verbalic power, bases on structured improvisation.
Generations after another have chrystallized the nurturing of impeccability and the rules of etequette to its hard standing pinnacle, or have they?
Companies Sivuun Ensemble
Dancers Perko, Ninni (2021)
Kuusela, Marjo (2021)
Arppo, Krista-Julia (2021)