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Flower Bath

Choreographer Loimaala, Karoliina
First Performance 8.10.2021
Place of First Performance Pohjolakoti, Oulu
Other Style expanded choreography, performance art
Duration (min) 30
Sound designer Kantonen Atte
Performers of the premiere Loimaala Karoliina
Description In Flower Bath we are in touch with living flowers and smooth, warm, small stones. The piece is a moment for relaxation, to be part of poetics of flowers and warmth of stones. The performance happens one-on-one, allowing you to only be in contact with flowers and stones. This happens through me crafting a constellation of you and flowers - I make you into a flower dune, flower mountain, Frida Kahlo, a flower queen. The piece imagines the feelings of falling in love as loose and detached from the objects of love by inviting them to exist through the touch of the flowers. Let´s hover in the love of blossoms! Flower Bath is an ode to feminine energy, different for each one and a gift for you.
Dancers Loimaala, Karoliina (2021)