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Flesh Thing

Choreographer Keskikallio, Heli
First Performance 7.10.2021
Place of First Performance Office space Iso Roobertinkatu 50, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Bea Tornberg
Costume designer Heli Keskikallio, Bea Tornberg
Lighting Designer Kristian Palmu
Sound designer Miki Brunou
Performers of the premiere Krista-Julia Arppo
Johanna Karlberg
Karoliina Kauhanen
Elisa Tuovila
Description Flesh Thing is a carnal painting and a performance with a body that is fleshy, colorful and tactile. It is a happening that escapes conceptualisation, moving in the terrain of shapings, materialities, colors, rhythms, intensities, and sensing. The performance invites the audience inside a fleshy painting and its event of formation, a process where materials are alive and moving.

The performance works on a materially sensuous landscape approached with amodal perception and associativity. It sketches intertwinements of the sensuousness of dance and painting. The silent and sometimes screaming glow of the colors and the haptic sense of the materials are an essential part of the performance. Through the work the working group wants to cultivate the significance of bodily thinking in this world pierced through reason, making sense and algorithms.

The performance is the second part of a series of Thing-performances by Heli Keskikallio. The first part, Mass Thing was made with the same working group and performed in Lume Media Center in 2016.
Dancers Arppo, Krista-Julia (2021)
Karlberg, Johanna (2021)
Kauhanen, Karoliina (2021)
Tuovila, Elisa (2021)