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becoming with

Choreographer Kahrola, Hanna
Seppälä, Wilma
Shiwan, Kardo
Ojanen, Wilhelmina
Salmela, Janina
First Performance 17.12.2021
Place of First Performance Kenneli D.I.Y skate hall, Tampere
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Kato Mirei
Costume designer Kato Mirei
Lighting Designer Sirainen Jaakko
Sound designer Rinne Tapani
Performers of the premiere Hanna Kahrola, Janina Salmela, Wilma Seppälä, Kardo Shiwan
Music composed for the work Rinne Tapani
Description Wilhelmina Ojanen & working group’s new work becoming-with is inspired by the term of ecofeminist writer, Donna Haraway, which means a constantly changing, intertwined, and the co-evolving relationship between humans, organisms, and nature. Through this new work, we will map our bodies’ fragile relationship to nature, exploring the body’s extremities and infiniteness, its vulnerability, and its future. We will study the body as part of a larger organism, an undefined and infinite body – where does the human body begin and end? What is our humanity in relation to the more-than-human world?
Other Information musician: Rinne Tapani
Dancers Kahrola, Hanna (2021)
Seppälä, Wilma (2021)
Shiwan, Kardo (2021)
Salmela, Janina (2021)