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Choreographer Nurmio, Maija
First Performance 14.1.2020
Place of First Performance Vaba Lava, Tallinn, Estonia
Finnish premiere 18.1.2020
Place of Premiere Mad House, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 80
Lighting Designer Pohjola Olivia
Description """It sounds like my old fridge, but it helps me think about life, and to fall asleep.""
(Anonymous comment about Éliane Radigue's music on the Internet.)

Dance performance ÉLIANE opens the work of composer Éliane Radique, I’Île Re-sonante, as a physical landscape in dialogue with Radique's thinking. It invites us to think about our place in the world, and the cycle of nature; our relationship with ourselves and each other, and being in the world. It invites you to ask for change."
Dancers Nurmio, Maija (2020)
Eiskonen, Jonna (2020)
Karhunen, Maija (2020)