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Actions x Figures

Choreographer Makkonen, Mikko
First Performance 15.8.2020
Finnish premiere 15.8.2020
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Sound designer Viljami Lehtonen
Music composed for the work Viljami Lehtonen
Description What could the embodiments and agencies of a body assumed to be masculine look like in 2020? Could the definitions of masculinity be overcome or rewritten? How does a body that is assumed to be masculine look at the world, and how is it looked at?
Actions x Figures, a performance by a workgroup directed by choreographer Mikko Makkonen, takes critical analysis and deconstruction of hypermasculinity as its starting point.

Hypermasculinity refers to the social and cultural construction of masculinity by putting emphasis on aggression, power, sexuality and a limited scale of emotional expression.

The performance aims to strip hypermasculine iconography of its forcefulness and to revolt through the body. It exhibits symptoms, reflects, strives for a balanced bodily existence and gives certain attributes a shake-up through multi-voiced assertion.

Actions x Figures is a study motivated by personal histories, body images, bodily qualities, cultural repetition, interactions, the private and the collective body and the construction and the interpretation of their meanings.
Companies Zodiak - The Center for New Dance
Dancers Erista, Geoffrey (2020)
Juoperi, Simeoni (2020)
Näkki, Iiro (2020)
Turpeinen, Oskari (2020)
Kär, Pie (2020)