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Paintings and Bodily Lectures

First Performance 27.11.2020
Finnish premiere 27.11.2020
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 55
Lighting Designer Markku Tanskanen
Sound designer Yrjö Vähäkallio
Description Envision: The stage area is filled with constructive paintings. Motion, speech, sound and light create an unsnobbish weave of interactions with paintings. The dance performance is not a separate islet of art but rather, the relationship between the performers and audience towards art is commonplace, warm-spirited and down-to-earth: In the footsteps of the group Dimensio!

The Kortelainen siblings, exploratory dancer Mari and dancing explorer Ilmari meet with their audience and each other in an art exhibition built out of paintings by their deceased grandmother. Works created by the painter Sirkka-Liisa Kortelainen create a framework for choreography where the stage is the playing field. During the performance, Mari and Ilmari lead the audience into the world of their grandmother’s paintings and the viewers can participate in the discussion if they want to.
Dancers Kortelainen, Mari (2020)