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Choreographer Tolvanen, Eevi
Väisänen, Anna-Maria
First Performance 12.11.2020
Finnish premiere 12.11.2020
Style Contemporary Dance
Lighting Designer Tuomas Laitinen
Sound designer Ilmari Tiitinen
Description A childbirth-like procedure which is rewarded with thousands of plastic animals. A kneeling row. Ethereal, beautiful, fake healing. A golden inseminator. Envy. Drooling characters in their pen. Look at me. Who is going to help?

Slave for You is a new performance by Tiitinen, Tolvanen and Väisänen which examines captivity from many different perspectives. Life, as a prisoner of your own thoughts or your body. Life, in which your own self has blended into the surrounding shadow of reality. The power relationships in the world of Slave for You can be changed and moral choices have an inevitable impact on hierarchy. The process examines where power moves to and who controls it. Who will submit and who will be dominated in the end?

Slave for You is the fourth joint performance of an artist collective.
Dancers Tolvanen, Eevi (2020)
Väisänen, Anna-Maria (2020)