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Choreographer Harjunpää, Leena
First Performance 18.2.2020
Finnish premiere 18.2.2020
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Costume designer Šarūnė Pečiukonytė
Lighting Designer Eero Erkamo
Sound designer Jouni Tauriainen
Music composed for the work Jouni Tauriainen
Description Is there any meaning in doing anything meaningful? My Life Is Boring is a movement-oriented stage performance, an abstract trip to finding meaningful life, meaningful activities and meaningful guidelines to being, living and bodily experience. It is a contemporary dance piece for two dancers. Characteristic of Harjunpää, My Life Is Boring delves into human patterns of action, social situations, assumptions and motives, plunging toward perceiving a meaningful life. Is meaningful life serious, does one know how to turn it into humour or does one need to? Can answers be found in being present, is it a terrible cliché, would it help to learn to play tennis?
Dancers Harjunpää, Leena (2020)
Majaniemi, Jouni (2020)