Tervetuloa Tanka - suomalaisen tanssin tietokantaan

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Choreographer Alalantela, Joel
First Performance 17.10.2020
Finnish premiere 17.10.2020
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 30
Scenography Joel Alalantela
Costume designer Joel Alalantela, työryhmä
Lighting Designer Joel Alalantela
Sound designer Uni Karinko
Description The dance piece observes people on two floors, starring the Second Floor as a space and moment like an intermediate space.

Second Floor People gives you an opportunity to peek into a surreal situation where the motive is to build your own community and society, considering how to achieve it. The piece reflects on finding one's own place in the community, growing together in it and merging the egos together.
Dancers Haapanen, Klaara (2020)
Saarinen, Arvo Jean-Michael (2020)
Rajaniemi, Niina (2020)
Viita, Vilma (2020)
Immonen, Jenni (2020)