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In period of time

Between (Pärssinen)

Choreographer Pärssinen, Nadja
Lapitskaya, Vera
First Performance 11.6.2009
Place of First Performance Pannuhalli, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 11.6.2009
Place of Premiere Pannuhalli, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 30
Performers of the premiere Nadja Pärssinen, Vera Lapitskaya
Other music Michael Nyman, Radiohead, Aphex Twin
Description You can't find a place which is good enough.
You think it's you, but it's your shadow.
You think it's your friend, but it's your enemy.
Other Information Text from Vera Lapitskaya
Performed at Kaktus Dance Festival
Dancers Pärssinen, Nadja (2009)
Lapitskaya, Vera (2009)