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Choreographer Palmgren, Sari
Norvio, Saara
Ikola, Johanna
Rekola, Satu
Pietiläinen, Laura
First Performance 25.8.2018
Place of First Performance Hanko City Hall, Hanko
Finnish premiere 25.8.2018
Place of Premiere Hanko City Hall, Hanko
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 120
Scenography Anna Pöllänen, Irene Lehtonen
Costume designer Työryhmä
Lighting Designer Anna Pöllänen, Irene Lehtonen
Sound designer Tuomas Norvio
Performers of the premiere Johanna Ikola, Jouni Majaniemi, Saara Norvio, Satu Rekola, Sari Palmgren, Laura Pietiläinen
Music composed for the work Ismo Alanko, Kimmo Pohjonen, Tuomas Norvio ja Juuso Hannukainen
Other music Kimmo Pohjonen, Ismo Alanko
Description The event celebrates the ending of the summer season and the Night of Ancient
Bonfires. This meeting of music and dance creates a hypnotic event at the verge of the night when we let go of the summer.

The working group of eleven people will guide the audience into a new season through the intertwining of dance and music. We move toward the unknown through the unified power of sound, movement, light and video. In this bubbling free state of emotion the musicians of Pohjonen alanko and dancers will improvise, surrender and throw themselves into the flow of the moment. The Kuplat-Party will awaken the senses of all participants. "
Other Information Performed in Le Petit Festval Hanko
Dancers Ikola, Johanna (2018)
Majaniemi, Jouni (2018)
Norvio, Saara (2018)
Rekola, Satu (2018)
Palmgren, Sari (2018)
Pietiläinen, Laura (2018)