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Choreographer Lopez-Lehto, Sebastian
First Performance 21.11.2018
Place of First Performance Contenporary Art Space Kutomo, Turku
Finnish premiere 21.11.2018
Place of Premiere Contenporary Art Space Kutomo, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 35
Lighting Designer Alina Pajula
Sound designer Eero Nieminen
Performers of the premiere Sebastian López-Lehto
Description Light, created by Sebastian López-Lehto, examines the corporality of lifting and being lifted and the experience of presence in reaching out towards the transcendental. López-Lehto sees transcendental as so-called invisible, and as entities exterior to humans such as “world”, “universe”, “nature” and God. Through the themes of lifting and descending López-Lehto aims at approaching a kind of religious (ergo reaching towards transcendental) corporality that is not body negative. When going up you must fall down.

The performance asks what sort of mind withdrawing aside – kind of death of the self – has? Why to produce such subjectivity that destroys itself? What is the dance of guidance?
Dancers Lopez-Lehto, Sebastian (2018)