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Kevät (Häkkinen, Mustonen)

Choreographer Häkkinen, Anna Maria
Mustonen, Maija
First Performance 26.5.2018
Place of First Performance Contemporary Art Space, Turku
Finnish premiere 26.5.2018
Place of Premiere Contemporary Art Space, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 50
Scenography Jaakko Pietiläinen
Performers of the premiere Maija Mustonen
Description Kevät (Spring) gently becomes a performance; reveling in small dances, respectful to feelings of sensitivity, fatigue and fragility. It leans on friendship, in shared power and security. Kevät is a moment shared between two dancers, a space and an audience, reaching out towards a moment of no expectation and no hurry. It is a wish to rest together – to draw fulfillment from dancing, and from the blossoming of spring into summer.
Dancers Mustonen, Maija (2018)