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In period of time


Choreographer Koulu, Kaisa
Torkkel, Anna
First Performance 17.5.2018
Place of First Performance Contemporary Art Space Kutomo, Turku
Finnish premiere 17.5.2018
Place of Premiere Contemporary Art Space Kutomo, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 30
Scenography Piia Rinne
Costume designer Piia Rinne
Lighting Designer Marja Ahti
Performers of the premiere Kaisa Koulu, Aarne Syrjänen
Description Clock is ticking and sand runs in the hourglass. Sun moves in the sky, day falls into a night. How would we notice the time passing or the rhythm of it if anything wouldn’t change? Sloth (in Latin folivora) spends most of its time hanging upside down in the trees of tropical rainforests. It is the slowest of the mammals we know and from our point of view it feels strange how anyone can spend its whole life so seemingly sleepy. Haste is familiar to us, and speed, but what time and pace exactly are? Each one has his/her own tempo and time, no?

Fascinated by the originality of the sloth, in the dance piece Folivora different durations, speeds and rhythms are the content and the starting point for playing with movement. The choreography of Kaisa Koulu and Anna Torkkel’s performance for child audience was found and worked together with 9-year-old Aarne, who is also one of the dancers. The visual design of the piece is made by Piia Rinne and the sound design by Marja Ahti."
Dancers Koulu, Kaisa (2018)
Syrjänen, Aarne (2018)