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Body Installation Loop

Choreographer Tolvanen, Eevi
Väisänen, Anna-Maria
First Performance 2.6.2017
Place of First Performance Sotku Theatre, Kuopio
Finnish premiere 2.6.2017
Place of Premiere Sotku Theatre, Kuopio
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 60
Scenography Johanna Rossi
Lighting Designer Veli-Pekka Kuronen
Sound designer Ilmari Tiitinen, Antti Alvasto
Performers of the premiere Anna Kokkonen, Enni Kaasinen, Paloma Ruuskanen, Oskari Niskanen, Juuso Pakarinen, Anna-Maria Väisänen, Eevi Tolvanen
Description Body Installation Loop is an installation like performance, made by five artists and a group of young adults with special needs. The performance fuses together dance, materiality and rhythms, while building installations into the space that relate to the performers’ everyday life; it’s a window into their realities, that seizes upon grievances and brings their vulnerability to the forefront. Everything will be aloud to be expressed, but it is also okay to stay quiet.
Dancers Väisänen, Anna-Maria (2017)
Tolvanen, Eevi (2017)