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Choreographer Torkkel, Anna
First Performance 5.10.2017
Place of First Performance Titanik Gallery, Turku
Finnish premiere 5.10.2017
Place of Premiere Titanik Gallery, Turku
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Scenography Piia Rinne
Costume designer Piia Rinne
Sound designer Johanna Porola
Performers of the premiere Tashi Iwaoka, Mira Kautto, Masi Tiitta, Anna Torkkel
Description Anna Torkkel’s piece Present aims towards the fragility and softness we are. The performance suggests that the essential is herein, visible and in the moment now. The piece continues Torkkel’s long-term working on presence and simplicity. Every showing of the piece happens in different space and without the shelter of a constructed stage set. Each performance is unique, new and fleeting event.
Companies Ehkä-production
Dancers Torkkel, Anna (2017)
Kautto, Mira (2017)
Iwaoka, Tashi (2017)
Tiitta, Masi (2017)