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Choreographer Ahti, Hanna
Häkkinen, Anna Maria
Mustonen, Anna
Tiitta, Masi
Torkkel, Anna
First Performance 7.4.2017
Place of First Performance Tiivistämö, Helsinki
Finnish premiere 7.4.2017
Place of Premiere Tiivistämö, Helsinki
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 45
Performers of the premiere Hanna Ahti, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Anna Mustonen, Anna Torkkel
Other music György Ligeti: Lux Aeterna, Alan Walker: Alone (Instrumental Remix)
Description Consolation is a piece on tiredness as a bodily experience as well as an all-encompassing circumstance. Tiredness is the staring point and the environment in which the performance takes place. The working group works with powerlessness and inability, considering ways for the fatigued to find solace and comfort.
Companies Ehkä-production
Dancers Ahti, Hanna (2017)
Häkkinen, Anna Maria (2017)
Mustonen, Anna (2017)
Torkkel, Anna (2017)