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Choreographer Forsgren, Lasse
First Performance 16.6.2016
Place of First Performance Kuopio
Finnish premiere 16.6.2016
Place of Premiere Kuopio
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 120
Performers of the premiere Lasse Forsgren, Ville Nylén, Johanna Jauhiainen, Noomi Forslund
Other performers: Johanna Keinänen, Miko Kivinen
Description LIIKETILOISSA is a performance in four acts. The audience attends a guided walking tour during which they visit four vacant retail spaces close to the market square in the center of the city of Kuopio. The retail spaces provide a venue for four instances of the Liiketiloissa -performance.
The audience may participate in the performance. The audience is carefully instructed about the nature of the participation and interaction in each individual case. The participation is very easy - for example in the Big Touch Screen instance the audience is given an opportunity to test a very large touch screen - by touching the screen. Active participating is not mandatory! It is ok, possible and totally acceptable to remain as a traditional passive spectator and enjoy that role through out the tour! Mobile phones, cameras, iPods and other such devices are to be switched off or muted during the tour. Liiketiloissa tour will be recorded only on and in to the participants' personal and collective memory.

Other Information Choreography: Lasse Forsgren and workgroup
Production: Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland
Dancers Forsgren, Lasse (2016)
Nylén, Ville (2016)
Jauhiainen, Johanna (2016)
Forslund, Noomi (2016)