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World Cup Bling Troopers

Choreographer Paasonen, Tomi
First Performance 23.2.2016
Place of First Performance Kuopio market place, Kuopio
Finnish premiere 23.2.2016
Place of Premiere Kuopio market place, Kuopio
Style Contemporary Dance
Duration (min) 120
Costume designer Elina Ström, Tomi Paasonen
Performers of the premiere Ville Nylén, Pauliina Aladin, Lasse Forsgren, Ida Hentunen, Karoliina Kauhanen
Description We’ve forgotten how to ski, skate and swim so let’s keep on pretending and “just” dance!

Disguised as competition mascots, the World Cup Bling Troopers invade the city centre of Kuopio and the skiing centre in Tahko, to bring hidden messages of a “world cup” that is flowing over. Decked out in winter sports equipment covered in gold, silver and bronze, they delve into our contemporary battles of winners and losers. The golden party babes burn until they crash. The flipped out silvery losers quiver like stranded fish. And the paranoid ice hockey goal keeper has lost his goal. Keep the lights blinking and the beat thumping, these hip-swinging champions are here to fight for the highest points in the World Cup of Bling Bling.

How low can you go to win?

Other Information Produced: ANTI-Contemporary art festival, Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland
Dancers Nylén, Ville (2016)
Forsgren, Lasse (2016)
Kauhanen, Karoliina (2016)
Aladin, Pauliina (2016)
Hentunen, Ida (2016)